Owl Napkins and Plates

Entertain with owl paper napkins and plates for a beautiful, woodsy, and elegant tablescape. We have vintage-style napkins as well as modern owl napkins. 

About our Owl Napkins & Plates

You'll find in-demand, popular napkins like:

  • snowy owl napkins
  • owl paper napkins
  • owl cocktail napkins
  • Fun Napkins with Owl Puns 
  • Owl Paper Napkins

    All of our napkins are paper napkins and are disposable. Our paper owl napkins are vibrantly colored for a beautiful table presentation and also make for easy clean-up!

    Owl Lunch Napkins

    A popular size for the dinner table is a lunch-sized napkin. We have beautiful owl napkins for dinner parties:

    • Owl Family Lunch Napkin by PPD (PaperProducts Design is one of our top-selling napkins with artwork by Vicky Sawyer. 
    • These Owl Friends lunch napkins are stunning and make a statement

    Owl Cocktail Napkins

    Liven up any cocktail party with our lovely and popular owl cocktail napkins. They are a great conversation starter and add an outdoor element to your party. For instance, this Owl Drink To That Cocktail napkin is a hit for any party occasion!